Physio-Control LifePak 500 AED Replacement Battery

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Replacement Battery For Medtronic Physio-Control Life Pak 500 AED - LP500
Self Testing:
  • The non-rechargeable lithium battery pack requires less maintenance than the rechargeable SLA battery pack since it never requires charging. With the lithium battery pack installed, the Lifepak 500 battery automatically tests it as part of the Daily Auto test. 
  • The AED also performs the battery test the first time the AED is turned on after a new battery has been installed.
Proper Maintenance:
  1. Do not attempt to recharge.
  2. Do not use beyond the expiration date marked on the label. 
  3. Do not expose to temperatures greater than 50 degrees Celsius (122 F). 
  4. Do not allow electrical connection between the contacts, as it can blow the internal fuse and disable the battery permanently
All electrical components used, and performance, are equivalent or better than originals.

Install by 2026 for full life 5 year life span


Voltage: 12 v
Chemistry: Li-SO2
Capacity: 7.5 Ah
Length: 190.3 mm
Width: 72.9 mm
42.0 mm
Weight: 680 g
OEM P.N 3005380-026
Warranty 1 year from date of purchase